Sgt. Jacques Brunelle

Jacques joined the RCMP in 1986. During his tenure with the Headquarters' National Security Operations Branch he was asked to introduce a Civil Aviation Protective Intelligence Unit in support of various civil aviation security related areas. After playing a founding role in the introduction of the Ottawa's Airport Watch chapter, he established the national Airport Watch Canada committee and has been instrumental in creating other Airport Watch chapters such as Toronto, Calgary and Montreal. As the program's national coordinator, he often speaks to aviation and airport officials, both nationally and abroad. Jacques is a valued source of aircraft related information provided to all chapters and is a dedicated supporter of the Airport Watch program.

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Mr. Nelson Plamondon

Nelson's interest in aircraft and airport operations began as a young Military Policeman in the Royal Canadian Air Force. After his military service, he began employment with Canada Customs as an Inspector. In 2006, after many years as a Senior Investigator, he retired from the Customs Border Services Agency. 
Nelson has also served as Secretary of the CYOW Airport Watch.


Nelson Plamondon and Sgt. Jacques Brunelle



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