Numbers reflect recommended spotting locations at the Ottawa Airport that are generally accessible and are described below. 

PLEASE NOTE:   Although these areas have been designated by the airport as approved locations, airport mobile security operations may request your relocation at any time.


Frequencies used are as follows:
​Automated Terminal Information Service (ATIS): 121.15 132.95(Fr)
Ground Control: 121.9
Clearance Delivery: 119.4
Tower: 118.8
Departures: 128.175
Arrivals: 135.15

​Runways: There are three physical runways. Runway 04/22, located on the north side of the airport off Hunt Club Rd is used almost exclusively for flying club and private aircraft operations. Runway 07/25 is the preferred runway assignment unless weather conditions or operational reasons dictate otherwise. Runway 14/32 is normally assigned when weather, traffic or other operational reasons makes its use preferable.

  • 2. This location at the northeast end of runway 25/07 along Alert RD is great for runway 25 approaches. Lighting is excellent from afternoon until sunset.
  • 3. This stretch of Alert Rd runs parallel to runways 25/07 and with higher elevations offers locations where photography over the fence is possible. An added bonus just past the golf course service entrance is a small parking area that was constructed at the request of the Ottawa Airport Watch. These locations offer good views of aircraft lining up on runway 25, landings on runway 25 and takeoffs and climbouts from runway07. Lighting is excellent from dawn to sunset.
  • 4. This spot is located at the turn in Alert RD toward the south. The Medevac helicopter hangar is located here and views of helicopter activity might be obstructed somewhat by the buildings. A lane leading to the Firewall and Airport maintenance buildings runs to the north but is restricted from public access. The southern end of Alert Rd is a dead-end but does offer some good views of aircraft approaching and landing on runway 32 as well as aircraft climbing out from runway 14.
  • 6. This location is at the northwest end of runway 32/14 along Riverside Dr. Caution must also be exercised at this location due to abundant road traffic. However, off road parking space is more accessible. Good views of the terminal area, climbouts from runway 32 and approaches to runway 14 as well as local flying club activity can be had from here. Lighting is good from afternoon to sunset.

Acknowledgement is given to Contrails Photography for the above information as provided through the Calgary Airport Watch.

Spotting locations