​On Saturday 9 February 2019, volunteers with the Ottawa Airport Watch (OAW)
program were invited for a tour of the Ornge helicopter facility at the Ottawa
International Airport.
A not-for-profit charitable organization that provides air and land ambulance services
across Ontario, Ornge employs over 500 people and operates a fleet of eight Pilatus Next
Generation PC-12 fixed wing airplanes, 11 Leonardo AugustaWestland AW139
helicopters, and 13 Crestline Commander land ambulances. They perform 20,000 patient-
related transports every year and serve over 13.5 million people—24 hours a day, 365
days a year.
The tour consisted of an insider look of the hanger’s AW139 helicopter, the extensive
array of paramedic equipment and supplies used for critical care, as well as the logistical
and emergency response capabilities of its operations. Spotters had the opportunity to
speak with Ornge’s highly experienced aircrew, paramedics, and aircraft maintenance
personnel. The staff expressed their appreciation for the presence patrols of OAW
volunteers, especially along Alert Road, which leads to their facility on the south side of
the airport.
Ottawa Airport Watch would like to once again extend their appreciation to Ornge for
welcoming us into their home. This activity was an exceptional take-off for the program’s
20:20 Initiative of 20 aviation-related events throughout the year to mark our 20 th

Ottawa airport watch and Ornge